Senatus Populus Que Romanus (SPQR) is a Roman-themed alliance founded by Typer57. As of 6/18/17, SPQR stands as the largest alliance in terms of GP.



     SPQR has been in only a few occurences of war or aggression, but it has been in one of the oldest. In the game's first few weeks, a conflict between TIR and SPQR rised. SPQR launched a surprise attack which backfired as numerous nations of TIR joined in. After a few days of talk on the forums and numerous battles, SPQR successfully won the first, and main, part of the war with a 5-0 score. The Tier 3 (?) front was soon won as well.

During the early days of June, SPQR offically reformed their status of hostility to prosperity. Nowadays, SPQR hasn't been in a war since, and is considered to be one of the most peaceful alliances in all of Petram. Their nickname is now Super Peaceful Quite Really.