About South Marr

South Marr  is a coastal industrious and sprawling socialist nation ruled by Prime Minister South Marr. Its capital Marr City is situated on the temperate continent of Westberg.

South Marr is a member of the alliance The Celtic Union.

The world-covering borders of South Marr surround innumerable forests, plenty of jungles, innumerable mountains, many deserts, numerous cleared land, innumerable lakes, numerous rivers, some grasslands, some tundra and innumerable urban areas.

The known flora is very diverse and includes a few rubber trees, some unicorn grass, a few grapevines, some herbs, a few hemp, many apple trees, a few cacti, many kingwood, some oak trees, a few hops, many silk and a few cotton.

The known fauna is very diverse and includes innumerable buffalos, numerous deer, innumerable cows, numerous sheep, innumerable boars, innumerable goats, a few bigfeet, a few beehives, innumerable yaks, some foxes, innumerable panthers and a few elephants. A few mackerels, numerous cods, a few whales, a few sharks, a few piranhas, plenty of salmon, a few bass, plenty of shrimps and a few clams are found outside the coast of South Marr.

Under the surface the geologists have found little iron, tiny amounts of uraninite, tiny amounts of stonesilver, tiny amounts of sulfur, tiny amounts of saltpeter, little marble, some copper, tiny amounts of gold, tiny amounts of silver, tiny amounts of platinum, little bauxite, little gemstones and tiny amounts of lead.

Like few other nations little crude deep sea oil and some petroleum is found within the Marrian borders.

The technological advancements of South Marr is adequate, and their military power is adequate.



The exact founding date of South Marr is unknown, but it was probably in May, 2020. At the start, South Marr was a relatively weak nation, whose leaders weren't very smart. 

War With La Inquisition! & Military Coup

In Tier Two, South Marr was declared war on by La Inquisition!. Marrian forces lost two battles, and won one battle before the Marrian Ministry of Diplomacy was able to work out a White Peace. After the war, in which many Marrian soldiers died, the Marrian High Command, leader of all Marrian armed forces, staged a Military Coup against the Marrian Federal Council. The coup was successful, and the Marrian High Command began rapidly milierizeing South Marr.

Invitation To The Celtic Union

After the war with La Inquisición!, the new Marrian government accepted an offer to join The Celtic Union, a great alliance. There, South Marr was able to grow both in population and in military.

Annexation of Frostland & Jump To Tier Six

When former TCU member Waterwall quit his Tier Ten nation Frostland, he allowed all other nations to annex his fallen nation. South Marr was among those nations. South Marr unexpectedly jumped up from Tier Three all the way to Tier Six. This caused massive riots on the streets. The military junta was overthrown by a civilian government. This new government was both socialist and a democracy.

Wiege Wars & Jump To Tier Eight

Since then, South Marr has engaged in several wars, including Edmond Expansion (a war against Edmond which South Marr won 5-1), Wiege Wars (a war against the inactive nation Wiege which South Marr won 5-0), and others. Eventually, South Marr ended up at Tier Eight, which is where the nation still sits at.


K8 Conflict

More recently, South Marr has become involved in the K8 Crisis, after receiving threats from K8, which culminated into a full out war. South Marr fought both K8 and his ally Decomania, not losing a single unit.



South Marr is, of course, allies with all of TCU. In addition, South Marr has allies in the PCC and other allies.


South Marr is enemies with all enemies of TCU. South Marr is also opposed to K8, Decomania, and all of their various allies.

Geography & Natural Resources

Basic Geography

Since South Marr is on the temperate continent of Westberg, the largest portion of South Marr is forested. After multiple expand borders, and the annexation of Frostland and Wiege, South Marr also included Urban Areas, Forest, Jungle, Mountains, Desert, Cleared Land, Lakes, Rivers, Grasslands, and Tundras.

Natural Resources

South Marr's flora includes rubber trees, unicorn grass, grapevines, herbs, hemp, tobacco plants, apple trees, cacti, kingwood, oak trees, hops, silk, and cotton 

South Marr's fauna includes buffalos, mackarel, deer, cows, sheep, whale, shark, boars, goats, bigfoot, beehives, yaks, pihrannas, foxes, panthers, elephants, salmon, bass, shrimp, and clams. 

South Marr's mined resources includes iron, uraninite, stonesilver, sulfur, saltpeter, marble, copper, gold, silver, platinum, bauxite, gemstones, and lead.

South Marr even has rare resources, such as petroleum and deep sea crude oil.



There are exactly 7,767,326 registered Marrian citizens. The population mostly consists of ethnic Marrians, former Frostlanders, and Wiege POWs. 


Marrian Standard, an adaptation of English, is the official language of South Marr. Regular English, German, French, and Japanesse are also commonly spoken.

Government, Economy, & Military


South Marr is a socialist republic. The elected twenty-five member Marrian Federal Council servers as the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of South Marr. All departments and agencies are subservient to the Marrian Federal Council, with the exception of the military and intelligence agencies.


Since South Marr is socialist nation, all commercial enterprises are government-run. The Marrian government runs many factories, which produce most of the necessary resources for the country. Resources are also commonly imported and exported from and into South Marr. 


The Marrian High Command, made of top Marrian generals and admirals, runs the military of South Marr, as well as the Marrian Intelligence Agencies (MIA) Not much is known about the Marrian Military. What is know is that South Marr has a very powerful military, scoring nine on the military leaderboard, with a Military GP of 15,035, and a Battles GP of 8,778 (Battles GP often changes and fluctuates). Since South Marr has completed all of the chapter missions, we known that South Marr has at least one GEARHOUND Prototype.

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