Splatoon 2 is a country located in North America after the world flooded


The Great Turf War

30,000 years in the future, the water levels raised, forcing Inklings and Octolings to fight for land. The inklings won because the Octolings are being stupid. The Octarians were forced underground.

Zapfish Heist

The Octarians stole the Great Zapfish for power and Captain Cuttlefish needed to sent Agent 3 to save it

Splatoon 1 Final Fest: Callie VS Marie

During 2016, Splatoon held its final fest: Callie VS Marie. Marie won and later, Callie got captured by DJ Octavio.

Techology of Splatoon 2

Later, Sheldon began coming up with weird stuff

Here are the techs the people come up with

Name Description
Tenta Missile Shoots one of Missiles at incoming foes
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