The day June/24/2018, Sri Lanka 001 is blacklisted by the UPA. And yes, it is by the scrub call QiMing. Sri Lanka 001, is pissed off by the fact that he is been thrown into jail. So, after 30 minutes of staying in the prison, he left the nations game discord. This is beginning of a period of civil unrest.

Beginning: Sri Lanka quit UPA due the fact that he keep alliance hopping, controlling food market, and metal market. The UPA sent Sri Lanka's old friend Mr. Duckles to attack Sri Lanka.

This is what suppose to happen(Sri Lanka 001 apologize to duckles):

war of sri lanka 001 against duckles: due to the 0 defensive division in sri lanka 001, duckles won 3 in a row, and demand annexation. Which Sri Lanka 001 has to give land to Duckles in order to stop the war. the newerduckland got large amount of land from annexation, which may worth up to 100k. The Ducks then took over lankas dumb country and erected statues of Donald Duck and it was good

Back to what really happen

on the other hand, what UPA doesn't know is that this a trap, Sri Lanka is already in 6 wars, completely destroying 4countries, all sri lanka's military is raiding other places, including the old defensive division. Now Sri Lanka is getting stronger day by day.

Night of the first day: Pacific Island decides to be enemy of sri lanka 001. Sri Lanka decides to declare war on more nations. And officially claim the start of social unrest. Sri Lanka officially become a" bad guy", but that is not it, he slide to NATO. NATO and Sri Lanka 001 is going to have some big action tomorrow.

The second day: Due to Sri Lanka 001's mistake, Sri Lanka's division and duckles's are having a blood bath right now. Pirate of Pentram (Hi Shag) decides to take action against Sri Lanka 001 by decreasing its happiness. In addition, the trade war is officially declared.

Skaikru and Sri Lanka 001 worked out a deal, Skaikru will be neutral in social unrest of Sri Lanka 001, Sri Lanka and friends won't attack Skaikru. (Hi NATO). Sri Lanka is planning something big tomorrow.

The night of the second day: Due to Death By Duke quitting the game, Sri Lanka decides to declare war on SPQR, he is after the low tier of SPQR. Wellanceland and Sri Lanka 001 started a war, Sri Lanka understand clearly that Wellence is well protected by the SPQR, so he can only defend. And join NATO. And become what he call himself a "trouble maker". Oh yeah, duckles and sri Lanka's war stopped, Duckles and Sri has planned before hand to stop war anyways.

Middle: Sri Lanka is back. Sri Lanka will be banned, Sri Lanka controls three market, Sri Lanka, attacks UoN and APP.

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