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The State of Bruvia-Стате оф Брувиа is a small slavic developing island nation on the most western part of the continent of Westburg-Wестбург and right on the boundary between the temperate and subtropics. The country has a population of around 631000 people and has founded an alliance called the Union of Free States(UFS)-Унион оф Фрее Статес(УФС) in 5/05/2020.


The State of Bruvia-Стате оф Брувиа has a relativity long and intricate history, filled with many ups and downs for the nation, let's look at the story.


The nation stated out as a small slavic tribe called the Buruvs-Бурувс on Bursk River-Бурск Ривер on a peninsula now called the Bruvsk Peninsula, on the Cotor Island-Цотор, in the Dekin Islands-Декин Исландс, in the Rancatov Archipelago(Ранцатов Арчипелаго) which is part of the continent of Westburg-Wестбург.

In 573 AD two neighboring tribes called the Lewani-Леwани and Lypan-Лыпан merged with the Buruvs-Бурувс, forming Bruvian Tribe-Брувиан Трибе

Bruvian Tribe

The Bruvian Tribe-Брувиан Трибе was a rather large tribe after the merging in 573 AD, but later was attacked by the Rian Tribe-Риан Трибе losing about quarter if the land it originally had

Bruvian Kingdom

The Bruvian Kingdom-Брувиан Кингдом was a militaristic kingdom which lasted from 996 AD-1328 AD and in its height occupied most of the territory which modern day Bruvia-Брувиа now sits on.

Here is a list of all the rulers of The Bruvian Kingdom-Брувиан Кингдом.

Name Coronation Date(AD) Age End of Control(AD) Age Reason
Osip I 996 25 1008 28 Treason
Osip II 1008 1059 59
Tishon 1059 1101 52

STOP STOP STOP FOLLOWING HISTORY HAS NOT BEEN RECOVERED YET. {}[]()[]{} At the at roughly 1200s the tribe formed into the Bruvian Kingdom, originally militaristic. After some time in the 1600s there was a large food shortage, and the failed attempts to resupply the food cause a huge revolt never seen before, and caused the collapse of the Bruvian Kingdom, forming a new nation called the State of Bruvia After the collapse of the Kingdom: The Bruvian Government made reformation laws and changed the country to a capitalist nation. Later in time the country went into war in the year 1739 with the neighboring island nation of Cubeba, annexed the land and turned it into a province. In 1904 there was a war with the island nation of Rianos the war lasted for 7 years and ended in a stalemate with many enemy and friendly casualties, later in 1911 the Bruvian Capitalistic Government (BCG) signed a peace agreement with the Rian Prime Minister. Since then, the Bruvian Goverment has been growing exponentially without any problems to date. Then one day in 2019 Flight BA-247 a passenger plane with 267 passengers and crew went missing over the Sea of Ananov, shortly after a rescue team was dispatched there but never responded or returned, leading to the formation of an urban legend. Recently the nation created a new alliance called the Union of Free States in 5/March/2020.


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