It was the aim of our Order upon its founding to provide safe haven for our brethren in an atmosphere where their native chivalry, honour, and talents could thrive and be properly appreciated. This we have don and our Knights now stand for the very pinnacle of brightness in Petram. Thus, we now, in due appreciation of their achievements and with due desire to expand the sphere of their talents, resolve to open fellowship in the Order to new members whose ideals of chivalry are in keeping with our own, and who stand ready to pledge their words and deeds to the glory of their fellows and the prosperity of our shared nations.

Sui Generis Order is a medieval-themed alliance founded by Tulipia. Sui Generis Order (SGO) is currently the 3rd largest alliance in terms of GP and is also the most populated alliance in the game.



On June 20th, 2017, a treaty was brokered with the GSIS United Coalition micro-alliance (15 members) so that the GSISUC would be dissolved and its members assimilated into the SGO. This deal was to help SGO reach 1st in members, and so the members of the GSIS UC recieved protection and mentorship from stronger players in a similar time zone.

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