Supply Raid is an uncommon mission on the continent of Zaheria.


Strategically attacking supply depots of Bihadj outposts can prove valuable.

Enemy Units

The enemy army (the Bihadj Insurgents) isn't lead by any officer. There are three units that you have to face, AK-47 Infantry (easily killed), RPG Infantry (even easier) and T-72 Tanks (harder).

(Min. Level) Unit Type Firepower Armor


Health Points Other Spawn Rate
(1) AK-47 Infantry Infantry 3 1 2 50 30%
(1) RPG Infantry Infantry 2 1 1 50 Anti-Armor 40%
(1) T-72 Tank Armor 3 4 2 130 30%


This is one of the easier uncommon missions, and is nice as it provides a small boost for Metal, Ammunition and Fuel. The best units for this mission are as follows (all equipped):

Tier 1-3: Attempt with caution, as for low tier units T-72s can be lethal

Tier 4-5: Mortar Infantry - will rip through the Infantry, then turn their attention to the T-72s

Tier 6-8: Reapers, higher level T-72s

Tier 9-10: Anything (GearHounds, Avengers, Spirits) will do

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