Temperate Terrorists is a rare mission on the continent of Westberg.


 The eastern nations of Westberg struggle with frequent raids by the terrorist group Khev Minosk. They are known for their reliable tanks, and we should be able to capture some if we succeed in our attack.

Enemy Units

The enemy army (Khev Minosk) isn't lead by an officer. There are three units that you have to face, AK-47 Infantry and RPG Infantry, and T-72 Tanks.

(Min. Level) Unit Type Firepower Armor Manuvuer Health Points Other Spawn Rates
(1) T-72 Tank Tank 3 4 2 130 N/A 100%

(2 Max per Battle)

(1) AK-47 Infantry Infantry 3 1 2 50 N/A 70%
(1) RPG Infantry Infantry 2 1 1 50 Anti-Armor 30%


This is THE best way to get metal and is by far the cheapest way to get metal (free). You can exhaust the card Against the Terrorists' to get the mission, is limited to 5 daily :(.   This is similar to It's The Least We Can Do and Suppressing the Khev Minosk, but has 2 guaranteed tanks, so be careful with mortar infantry. MQ-9 Reapers are a safe option against this anytime.

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