That's Not a Meteorite is an exclusive mission on the continent Westberg. It is only available by exhausting the legendary card "The World is Depending on Us" from the Union of Nations card pack.


Well... This is interesting. As far as we know, the strange light that flashed across the sky near the eastern regions of Westberg was not a meteorite. Locals report heavy fighting in the area. We should investigate.


The enemy army (Alien Invader) is lead by Blornag the External. There are two units that you have to face, Sectoid (easy with the right troops), and the Sectopod (a bit harder, but easy, still with the right units).

(Min Lvl) Unit Firepower Armor Maneuver HP Others Spawn Rate
(1) Sectoid 8 8 9 50 N/A 70%
(1) Sectopod 10 10 11 300 N/A 30%


It is not suggested that you attempt this mission before Tier 6 and before you reach Level 10 troops, please do not try to do this mission with Level 10 Infantry, it is likely that they will get destroyed. It is possible to beat this mission at lower Tiers, reaching a full division of T-72’s by completing Temperate Terrorists or reaching a full division of F-35 Lightning’s by completing Venland Airspace Violation, then getting these troops to a high enough level will do the job, one tip if you are using F-35’s, try to HP boost them as they don’t exactly have a lot of health. Please do not attempt this mission with 2K22 Tunguskas as they are not suitable for this mission, unless of course you have them at a high enough level with good equipment. To be honest, any decent tank division should be able to beat it. The Tier 4 nation Coolio was able to beat this mission with a Level 10 division consisting 8 T-72’s & 2 F-35’s, with some battle juices, mostly for HP and Firepower.

This mission is particularly good if you are desperate to grind XP, but it is also risky. If you get unlucky, you could potentially lose troops, so pay good attention to your troops when you are doing this mission!

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