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The United Union of Powers

The United Union of Powers is a alliance in nationsgame. It had been long gone disbanded it stands as a memory. Wait TUUOP was again founded on April 7 2019. Welcome back

The Form

Tucson and Barcelona decided that which other country is at or above tier 3 must fill out a form. However some members refuse to like Bobby. I don't really care if they fill it out or not.


This alliance had been into some wars. One of them was the 2019 Willand Invasion. The aggressors are: Barcelona, Montreal, Andrewtown and Impero Romano.

Historical TUUOP

Due to the war, 3/23 of the TUUOP members fled to GDI. TUUOP stands as a historical mark in Mickore, Tucson Dawville, Impero Romano and Newpunk, Barcelona.

Historical TUUOP phrase:

Once a great alliance had fallen, war, United and broke. It shall stand as memory. April was the Broke Day. TUUOP will forever stand as a historical landmark, shall not be destroyed, shall stand there forever in the 3 cities.

-Terre500 (Tucson) TUUOP Leader

-March 14 2019-Alliance Founding Date

-April 5 2019-Alliance Disband Date

-April 7 2019-New Founding Date

Important Bois

Tuscon: He is the Founder

Wetelia: Has an place in Council, Supports all Nations on TASoP

Saarland: Has an place on Council, Good Military Strategist

Imperio Romano: Co-Founder

Barcelona: Secretary-General of the Council, Supports all Nations on TASoP
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