The Avengers is a relatively small alliance with a big history. Hundreds of years ago, it was called The MEEM TEEM, and was a tiny alliance consisting up of around 5 members. But there was a member, who was also the leader, Takoland, led by BOB13 from Westberg, who would change the alliance forever. BOB13 decided that his alliance was small, but powerful, and he decided to merge with a larger alliance that wasn't as powerful.

His wish was granted by The Allied Powers, consisted of many countries who were loyal, but were new and weren't that powerful. He sent a request to the leader of The Allied Powers, DuctTapeNinja. DuctTapeNinja decided that their alliances should merge, but cast a vote to see what the other countries thought of it. Most of them agreed with him, and that was how a powerful, large alliance was born.

BOB13 decided to cast a vote over a new name, and a bunch of different votes were cast. Some of them were funny, like the Soviet Unions. But there was a clear winner that stood out. The Avengers was a powerful, symbolic name for a powerful new Alliance.

Around 20 years ago, Solo Empire, a powerful new nation, decided to attack a country called New Mexico. New Mexico was a large country with a small military, and Solo Empire wanted to take some of their land. Unfortunately for Solo Empire, New Mexico was in the GDI (Global Defense Initiative), which was the largest alliance (in terms of members), and one of the most powerful alliances in Nations.

New Mexico immediately was aided by Rusiberia, who had one of the most powerful militaries in Nations. Most of there troops are extremely experienced and very powerful. Solo Empire could not break through the impenetrable wall that was the Rusiberian forces. Eventually, Solo Empire was annexed by New Mexico, ending the war.

Wakandan Union, led by DuctTapeNinja, attacked Maovale, a large nation with no military. Solo Empire was not happy, as they considered it to be unfair. Despite that, the attacks continue to this day.

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