The Branding Equestrians (or TBE) was a major alliance within Nations. It played a major part in Petramic politics.

As of July 8th, TBE has merged with SoP to form the Paladins of Petram (PoP).


The Branding Equestrians is a joke, referring to the previous names of TBE (New Horsemen, Iron Horsemen, etc).

Bids for Name Changes

On the 12/2/2018, before TBE was created, Par put a vote up to see whether people liked the name, "The Branding Equestrians". The vote was 2 - 1 in the favour of no we hate it who would even think of an ugly name like that[1]. New Deutschland suggested "The Global Syndicate", however, Par rejected it due to PES[2] being to similar to TGS. Even though no-one liked the name, Par, chose to name it "The Branding Equestrians".


TBE has had a pretty rugged history. For all events leading up to the New Horsemen Period, go to Iron Horsemen.

New Horsemen Period

On the 31st December, 2017, Par created New Horsemen. Jericho, New Deutschland and Xion joined, while Tanzalore was in there later to back Par during the wars against Fatboy (a.k.a the Iron Horsemen Civil War). At some point in the next couple of weeks, New Horsemen was disbanded as Par went to join PES[3].

The Branding Equestrians Period

After some very complicated politics[4], Par eventually created The Branding Equestrians. Jericho, New Deutschland and Xion joined immediately, while other recruits joined every so often.


TBE has been in a few wars - mainly to do with the UPA

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Footnotes & Coming Soon!

  1. okay, yes, I'm exaggerating a bit...
  2. Petram Equilibrium Syndicate
  3. on Civil War-related matters
  4. to help you understand this complicated turn of events, here is a diagram (well, not now. However, it will be here soon).
Coming Soon:
  • History of TBE
  • Wars of TBE
  • Stuff detailing TBE joining the UPA
  • And More!
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