The Celtic Union (TCU, founded March 29th 2018 by Celtica) is an alliance which has its roots in the old Celtic regions of western Europe. Its main goals are to help (new) nations grow and to fight against injustice. The good cooperation and friendly ambiance between the members are important factors in TCU. The alliance is ranked 2nd in the alliance leaderboards as of September, 24th, 2019.

TCU contains four roles: Member, Secretary, Co-Leader and Leader. The current government is as follows:

  • Leader: Mercia (matboyler)
  • Co-Leader: NewerDuckland (McDuckles)
  • Secretary: New Deutschland (President Isaac)
  • Retired: Celtica (Indiana Mark),Sol (Eris),Kanada (Kaptain Kat)

The Celtic Union officially recognizes Donald Duck as their Lord and Savior. Quack.



The Celtic Union currently only has one treaty: a MDP with SPQR.

Important past treaties

The Celtic Union was a member of the Union of Petramic Alliances (UPA), a union which consisted of several powerful alliances. TCU aided its UPA allies if and when possible in any conflicts, mostly focussing on enemies of tier 8 and below.


A very important subgoal for TCU is to fight any nazi or nazi related nations and removing them from Petram or at least halting their growth. All nazi nations are enemies of TCU.

Other enemies include enemies of the UPA, such as COM and NATO Republic. (Not Current)

Important conflicts

Wars against nazis

The Celtic Union has had several wars with nazi nations. The wars were successes thanks to good cooperation, communication and planning. The overall aggression against nazis is an ongoing campaign until these nations are all removed from Petram.

Screenshot 20180407-233625

TCU dose not like Nazi Nations

Operation Vindicta

As part of SoP's Operation Vindicta against COM, TCU has had (several) wars with COM members Liquorous, Jeffybean and Greater Slavia. The war with Liquorous ended with a white peace after the nation panicked (because of the overwhelming TCU power) and was told to leave COM. The wars against the other COM members mentioned above all resulted in (multiple) victories and annexations by TCU members.


When the NATO Republic decided to rebel against the UPA, a long series of conflicts started. The Celtic Union is aiding its UPA allies against NATO during this conflict. Victories against Zaahs and Sri Lanka have been achieved up till now. However, the war against Monrovia ended in white peace, although several of its important and strong units were wiped out.

Points of Interest

Jurassic Park

The Celtic Union owns the Jurassic Park (quack) on Isla Duckla island. Celtica and NewerDuckland own the island. Duckfella owns it most though.

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