Written by Takamakura

The Cowardly War was a military engagement between United Illinois, Impero Romano, Montreal, and then later parties such as Palaesia and idontknow.

The main highlight of the war is the insults thrown and the publicity of both sides.

In the beginning, it was simply Impero Romano throwing insults, saying they will win, and such. This continued on for a long time until the nation of Tucson decided to get involved, calling me an evil devil and heartless for not "thinking about the feelings of the defenders."

Afterwards, they continued to proceed in calling me a coward, and weak, but lemme say one thing...

How am I a coward when those who called me a coward literally ran to a bigger alliance for defence, have only gone on the offensive once, and refuse to attack me. On the other hand, Tucson hasn't even defended his friend either, just slandaring my name.

Who knows? This may be an World War...

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