The Desert Fox is an epic mission on the continent of Zaheria


The Bihadj Leader, known only as "The Desert Fox", is currently residing in the western part of Zaheria. With a precise strike, we should be able to take him out and cripple his organization.

Enemy Units

The enemy army is lead my general Al-Latif, and the enemy army, (Bidhaj Bodyguards) consists of Desert Fox Bodyguards (not too hard), AK-47 Infantry (easy), and T-72s (annoying)

(Min Level)


Firepower Armor Maneuver Health


Other Spawn Rate
(1) Desert Fox Bodyguard 6 2 2 50 +30% strength in Desert climates 100% (Max 2)
(1) T-72 3 4 2 130 N/A 30%
(1) AK-47 Infantry 3 1 2 50 N/A 70%


It only gives a set amount of ammo, and it isn't that good. One can use mortar infantry (in theory) and it is a slow one to beat (TBF)

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