The Holy Roman Wars 

The Holy Roman Wars Started when the Fourth Reich Declared war on TheSockDrawer On September 28th The first war lasted tell October 2nd it ended in demand annexation of the sock drawer. The Second Battle Began on October 3rd and ended on October 7th this Battle was against TheSwissReich It ended in demand annexation. This was the last battle in The Holy Roman Wars.

Participants in The Holy Roman Wars 

In the battle against sock drawer, The Fourth Reich and allies from United alliance of Imperialism Neo Rome and yourmomsgae attacked sock drawer and Thier was defense from Vietnam Empire.  During the second battle against The Swiss Reich the attackers where Fourth Reich Neo Rome yourmomsgae Atopless and Wesseltag.

The German Civil War 

The Civil War broke out during a battle against The Ameican Empire on October 9th when the Communist party Rebelled against The Fourth Reich 's regime. When the Fourth Reich declared war against  The Ameican Empire they declared war against the whole Union of Nations which lead to battles in Vanstaffen and The Foundation. and due to others not liking the Fourth Reich 's regime so the nations Duke Republic and Merica got involved in the war. The war ended and  they lost and the nation annexed and lost all its territory in Africa western Europe and Italy its just Germany now  

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