NOTE: This Nation was banned but the history still exist for people to read and edit LONG LIVE THE GERMAN REPUBLIC 

German Republic

The German Republic was created on October 24th, 2019 in the wake of the Fourth Reich's collapse Adam Hilter and his officials created The People's Republic of Germany.


      German Republic is a coastal industrious and barren capitalist republican nation ruled
20100211 - Alternative German Flag (with CoA)²
by President Emperor Jojo. Its capital Berlin is situated on the temperate continent of Westberg.

The tiny borders of the German Republic surround many forests, some mountains, many cleared land, a few rivers, and some urban areas  The known fauna is not very diverse and includes some cows and some sheep.

There 15 states inside the German Republic

Civil War

People had enough of the Reichs power so they revolted. Mao Kahn VI was assassinated by a hitman who was never found then, Augustus Mussolini took power. Then Adam Hilter Formed the german republic and they declared war on the Reich.By this time The catholic church cuts ties with the Reich. So with the help of the central entente and merica and duke republic, the Reich never stood a chance. The war ended with the treaty of Moscow being signed oct.24th 2019 and the Reich was annexed and the other territories were puppted by the entente. This war took a toll on the nation many citizens were killed and most of the land was gone. So they had to rebuild Germany.  

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A new president is elected every 4 years and a president can only serve one term and there are senators who represent each state.and make state laws Senators get elected every 2 years. There is The german senate who oversees all the president's decisions and are the speakers of the house. A speaker is elected every 2 years. There are majority parties the Peoples Communist Party of Germany and The Berlin Republican party. There is also a court system that is fair to everyone.

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The Fall of democracy  

There's have been many riots because of the bad presidency Adam Hilter This all happened after the fall of the Democratic party And after Adam Hilters death The Government thought this was for the best. communism was the way to go for the nation while maintaining voting. Its officially a Communist Republic and President Trouskey has taken control.

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