The Impenetrable Norrland Wall is an uncommon mission on the continent of Tind.

The Impenetrable Norrland Wall

The Impenetrable Norrland Wall is a mission.

Units That Can Spawn

Officer: Cadet

National Guard FIR:3 DEF:2 MAN:2 HP:55 Spawn Rate: 100%

Concrete Bunker FIR:3 DEF:5 MAN:3 HP:165 Spawn Rate:40%

Fortified Bunker FIR:4 DEF:7 MAN:4 HP:248 Spawn Rate:40%

2K22 Tunguska FIR:3 DEF:3 MAN:3 HP:94 Spawn Rate:20%

Battle Continent: Tind (Alpine)

Missions Rewards

595 Metal

595 Building Materials

1 2K22 Tunguska

1 Mystery Box

Mission Expires: 2 days

Rarity: Uncommon

Brief: The Norrland conflict has recently escalated and taking the fight to them may be the only way to make them yield.

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