The Last Bastion (TLB) is an alliance that aims to help and teach new players how to properly play Nations and develop powerful militaries. It is the 3rd largest alliance in Petram. The Last Bastion is headquartered on the Zudnyki capital of Drusekestien; other main offices are in Rason and Poyensbourg, Saarland.

The Last Bastion was established after Zudnyk left True Power with the aim of helping and teaching new players how to properly play Nations and developing powerful militaries. On April 1st, 2020, invitations were sent to Rason, Filipino Empire and Saarland to join the Last Bastion, which were all accepted. At its founding, the Last Bastion had 4 member states; this number grew to 8 by April 17.


Izl Agression Against Arma Empitester

The Last Bastion has sent help to Izl in the war Izl Aggression Against Arma Empitester. Izl declared war on Arma Empitester while they were still inactive, but resumed activity before the war could finish.

Battle for Izl (May 3 2020)

Rason sent a division of level 7 Tank Destroyers (Hercules Squad) and Draco Imperium sent a division of Infantry and some tanks (201st Draconic Division). Arma Empitester sent 5 lvl 5 Javelin Infantry and 5 lvl 5 Tank Destroyers. All of Rason's Tank Destroyers were destroyed, some units from Draco Imperium were killed, but The defenders still won the battle.

Izl's defenders were not present at the battle.

Nations That Have Left The Last Bastion

Draco Imperium

May he be remembered. After having a few months or so in The Great Bastion, he sadly left. The main reason is mostly because its leader, eagle1eye123456789 got bored of ruling over the Draconic land and so he quit, leaving the alliance to allow other troops access and annex the great land. But, nobody did. Attacking a fellow former alliance member is a sign of "cowardy" and so no country sent troops to annex Draco Imperium. He will be remembered as a kind, grateful friend who was also part of the TLB Security Council, taking the Tind Council Seat.

Military Doctrine

The military of The Last Bastion is very diverse. Some nations, like Zudnik who uses the western WarHeads, with the powerful Rasonian Army using T-72 Tanks, even though recently they have obtained GearHound WarHeads. The military of Munich Empire is also pretty diverse- they have eastern T-72 Tanks but use the American NATO M2 Bradley Tanks as well. The Saarin military is also pretty diverse, they mostly use tanks of the eastern military doctrine but also have mortar infantries that use the NATO mortar-artillery. Many Secret Services also take place in TLB. For example, the Saarin Secret Service is sometimes used pre-war to sabotage nations that are 'dangerous' and that may ruin the reputation of Petram. The Last Bastion also has a special security system- when a nation is attacked or warred on the main headquarters and all offices get warned of an upcoming military attack. This system is called the Bastion Defense Siren (BDS). It was made by the Armed Forces of Munich Empire. The Last Bastion is frequently raided by the Khev Minosk and Bihadj Insurgents and when those raids occur a minor announcement is declared. Overall, the military doctrine of TLB mostly of western units, although there is a lot of eastern units as well.


The reason why Bastion has so many members is due to the fact that it's propaganda posters are persuadable unlike some foreign posters. The main 'manufacturer' of this poster is the country Rason, thanks to Justin Cheng. Some international newspapers, like The PETRAM Herald are shipped internationally abroad and sometimes end up in the hands of leaders, or at least in the hands of a highly ranked personnel. In fact, The PETRAM Herald proved very useful when it appeared in the hands of the Rhomanian King. The country Rhomania did not have an ally at that time, and so they decided that they should join TLB. After joining The Last Bastion, they begin to thrive at an extreme rate, overtaking Munich Empire by GP once. Another time it was slightly shown as good newspaper propaganda was when the 6th Issue was being read by Fendoranas' president Albert's assistant read the paper. It was a shock to the duo and decided to disband their own alliance, The Allied States, and request to join a new, better alliance. They applied for two superpower alliances, with one of them being TLB, and the other one being the New Digital World Order NDWO. However, the TLB Security Council was too late to accept the request as either Newam or Mandalore The Lost accepted Fendoranas' application.

Also, BBC (Bastion Bureau of Communiques) will launch soon, so stay tuned!

Government Of The Last Bastion

Bastion counts with the 3 branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. The Executive power is vested upon the Secretar-General. The Legislative and Judiciary powers are vested upon the Security Council. Currently, Drusketh is the incumbent Secretary-General of TLB. He has the privilege to add members to his secretariats, like the secretary of foreign affairs.

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