The League is one of the major alliances in Petram and among the oldest. The group, which is based mostly on trade and banking, also makes a dedicated front in the world of politics.

The League, Petram's Original Business-Oriented Alliance


The official League corporation is a coalition of various members inside major alliances that all contribute to the workings of the company, League. With such, the group incorporates unique features such as dual-membership (though this is not as common as it use to be), and at the time, the first/only admin-approved Banking System
The main alliance branch is the private, elitist League entity.
The secondary alliance branch is the open and public Providence entity. 

Positions in the League

Corporate Positions


Main executive operator of the League and its affairs, absolute authority. 

Heir Assistant:

Second-in-Command of unofficial affairs, does not speak for the actions of the corporation. 

Alliance Positions, per alliance occupations. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

If applicable, elected every fiscal quarter from the Chiefs of Staff (Jan-Mar, Apr-June, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec), the CEO is the head of the League's affairs internally and externally, and is fully responsible for the directions and decisions of the group.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO):

The CTO charges the official Bank of the League, and overviews/coordinates economics agreements such as loans.

Chief Logistic Officer (CLO):

The CLO is the internal manager that ensure that The League is continuously funded and building their member nations.

Chief Information Officer (CIO):

The CIO maintains the external affairs of the business alongside the executive. They are the main hand in forming business partnerships.

General Information


The League is an exclusive alliance which does not actively seek new members. If a member leaves the alliance or a nation has a very good reputation with the alliance. They may be considered for membership. Outside hiring may occur in special circumstances to occupy a twenty-five member imposed cap. 
Providence is entitled to vet and willing accept applicants, and is the main core of the group. 


The League was originally established on August, 31st of 2015. It conveyed a new structure of government ruled by stockholders, which eventually faltered, and dissipated members into the Green War of 2015.
It was remade on December 5th, 2015 under Ceres. However, this reincarnation lacked the stockholder system of its predecessor. In an unofficial disclosure on the date, allyship with the Dragon Warriors was announced with the alliance's reformation.
Achieved on April 10th , 2016, Ceres became the first player to reach 100 full annexations on opponents.


  • MDoAP with the Dragon Warriors