The Mortar Rain of Alba Nera is an uncommon mission on the continent of San Sebastian.


Exploding hail falling from the skies. Alba Nera neighbours tremble. Literally. We have to stop this.

Enemy Units

The enemy army (the Alba Nera Mortar Squad) is lead by a Cadet. There are only two units that you have to face, Medics (easily killed) and Mortar Infantry (bit more of a challenge).

(Min. Level) Unit Type Firepower Armor


Health Points Other Spawn Rate
(6) Medic Infantry 2 2 3 44 Reduces damage against friendly units 100%, max 1 per battle
(6) Mortar Infantry Infantry 4 2 3 55 Anti-Infantry 100%


This is a great mission for higher tier nations low on Ammunition, and it also gives a mystery box. The best units for this mission are as follows (all equipped):

Tier 4-5: Mortars (higher than Lvl 5)

Tier 6-8: MQ-9s or M2 Bradleys

Tier 9-10: Honestly anything (GearHounds, Avengers, Spirits) will do.


New Deutschland beat Mortar Rain using barely equipped Level 9 Mortars. If Level 9 Mortars can beat this mission then anything better probably can too.

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