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The Rous Union of Minor (TRUMP) powers is an alliance made up of many smaller nations, founded by ROU5.


The Dissolving of Slav Blyat

The first war with Slav Blyat started when Neckia declared war on a member of their alliance, Big Unit. Many members of Slav Blyat joined the war to defend Big Unit. This escalated into a full-blown war in which, after some late reinforcements arrived, TRUMP won 7-1. Two weeks later, Slav Blyat, who had been preparing their militaries for a surprise attack, declared war on Neu Katzland. Neu Katzland immediately invited most of the members of TRUMP, causing another huge war, which TRUMP won 12-1. After the great wars between Slav Blyat and TRUMP, Slav Blyat dissolved on 13/11/18. Many former Slav Blyat members joined TRUMP, including its leader Hergonslav, with other Slav Blyat members also joining.

Name Changes

The alliance was officially founded under the name 'The Rous-Chamonix Pact, after the capitals of its two founding nations, Mirurgo and Tundra. After Tundra stopped playing, the alliance was renamed 'The Rous MDA Pact'. On 19/11/18 the alliance was then renamed to 'The Rous Union of Minor Powers', due to another alliance being named similarly to the pact.

The Neu Katzland Aggression Incident

On 25/11/18, Neu Katzland declared war on NewerDuckland. This caused extremely high tensions between The Celtic Union and TRUMP. It was agreed that The Celtic Union would not attack TRUMP under the conditions that Neu Katzland left at least temporarily. After diplomatic meetings, Neu Katzland was allowed re-entry into TRUMP, and a new age of peace was brought in between The Celtic Union and TRUMP.

High Command

The high command of TRUMP works together to make major decisions regarding wars and pacts with other nations and alliances.

The leaders of TRUMP are as follows:

ROU5: Founder and Leader

Nightowlofnotofdoom & Neu Katzland Mapper: Secretary-General & vice-leaders


On 28/11/18 TRUMP signed a NAP with The Ninth Symphony.

On 1/12/18 TRUMP signed a NAP with New BRICKS.

On 23/12/18 TRUMP signed a NAP with UPP.

On 2/1/19 TRUMP joined the Rose Concordat.

On 25/2/19 TRUMP signed an ODP with New BRICKS.

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