The Taco Tuesday Massacre was a conflict between two major alliances; SPQR, and the Imperial Requiem.

Events Leading Up To The War

The conflict first began when a player (now in Legion) named Ziekos had joined TIR as an attempt to conceal himself from Yoona, leader of SPQR. Ziekos had been previously known as "Phi Titan" before pretending to have quit the game. He was quickly discovered by Mallues only 6 days after the game's release. Soon, he had left TIR to join Legion, and TIR assumed SPQR had caused Ziekos to leave. Soon after, TIR's government voted to end the MDP they had with SPQR (which failed). SPQR, seeing this as an act of aggression, declared war on TIR's government, expelling of the MDP in the process. It was demanded that TIR do nothing and let SPQR attack its Parliament. Retekan, leader of TIR, refused, and declared an alliance war. The declaration on Parliament was officially announced a short while after they had surprised attacked the TIR Parliament from out of nowhere, thus giving the war the title "Massacre".

The War

The war began with Operation Veni, Vidi, Vici conducted by the Roman Empire, Xealo, with defense support from Rubidium. This operation was targeted at Ruberia (needs confirmation). Other aggressors later joined the war, but did not fight.

The second Operation (named Operation Rosae Ad Comitia Parlementaria) was conducted by Ami Republic, Olympus, Nowhere, and Yokosuka Empire against Rijk. Other aggressors joined the war, but did not fight.

Both fronts were very successful for SPQR, even when other countries moved to defend the initial defenders.

Terms of Surrender

The war ended with a TIR surrender and the following terms were signed.

1. Normalize relations and discuss further possibilities of treaties

2. TIR must dissolve Parliament

3. TIR must curb loudmouths in vicinity

4. Retaliatory strike for a perceived breach of terms is a last resort option

5. TIR must admit SPQR is not a bully

6. TIR must not hate SPQR

7. TIR cannot outsource from P&W or any other nation simulator game

8. TIR cannot be a protectorate of CC or Legion

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