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The Emblem of the Luftwaffe, a prized division in the Wehrmacht

The Whermacht is the Military wing of the United Reich, that said the Wehrmacht also includes the Luftwaffe; which is a prized and prestigious division in the United Reich which is lead by the Ace Stuka pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel. Aside from that the Wehrmacht alsoincludes many Panzer divisions and a Commando unit. 

Due to recent updates, the Reich has been extensively training it's Luftwaffe to level 5, after it has done that other divisions will follow in its' footsteps. 

Prized Divisions: These include the 7th Panzer division headed by General field marshall Erwin Rommel

The Deutsche spezialkommando Unit which is headed by Count Von Stauffenburg

The Flugabwehr which has recently proved itself against level 6 F-35s and A-10s while the whole division was level 1 and suffered no lossed. For this the Flugabwehr was given to Von Kluge. 

The Luftwaffe which is headed by Hans Rudel, proved itself time and time again. Never has the Reich been more proud of its' wings as this divison is it's most successful division only seconded by the 7th Panzer led by General Rommel. 

Plans are in motion to make another Luftwaffe squadron with Reapers; but based on results on the past....that may not be such an effective solution. So the Reich shall depend on F-35 Lightning IIs or (Messerchmitt Bf-109) as it likes to call them.  

Another Panzer division should also recieve recognition here; the Panzerjaegers commanded by Michael Wittmann. This brave Tank commander has shreaded over 30 T-72 tanks with no losses to his division of 8, which includes a few STUG IIIs and a few Mortar Soldiers  as backup against enemy Anti-tank units. 

Wittmann's latest achievement was succeding to capture a division of 10 Soviet T-72 tanks (presumably stolen Hallenbad). The Hallenbad goverment has neither confirmed or denied that those are their tanks, but as of right now the Reich is in possessition of these Armoured Vehicles and will begin to train them under the leadership of Herr Guderian.

The Wehrmacht now has a few new divisions added to it; all under Herr Rommel. There's the Ghost division which is an all armoured division with mixed tanks and Rommel's Army Group B. Which includes Seals and has shared command under Michael Wittman and Herr Rommel. 

Speaking of new divisions, the Reich has finally gained it's 2nd Luftwaffe squadron which are made of Stukas which are (A-10s and Reapers) making this divisions especially deadly to enemy armour. 

There is a Sniper unit of Six that deserves much praise, the Wehrmacht sharpshooters. These 6 men have taken down alot of Secrets Agents and Enemy Troops they're amazing. Unlike the Hallaband sniper units, this unit has suffered no losses.