Alliance Total GP Founding Date Leader(s)

Emblem of International Union

International Union 12,500,000 April 17, 2015 External Nation/Xenforo
A diplomatic and democratic alliance that gives its member states maximum freedom, guaranteeing their sovereignty. Most nations are allowed to join regardless of their economic ideology. Diplomacy is strongly encouraged all the time and raiding is condemned as per the charter.


Dragon Warriors 12,300,000 September 6, 2015 Blaze


New Pacific Order 9,200,000 April 17, 2015 Dragonisia

League Logo

The League 7,800,000 December 5, 2015 Ceres Soveign
The League is NationsGame first and only economically-driven alliance; controlling a majority of the world's resources through their banking system, and funding nations in all the major groups. It is led in corporate hierarchal fashion with a system of directors.

Flag of NATO Republic

NATO Republic 6,600,000 September 22, 2015 Republican USA
NATO Republic is the best alliance in all of Petram! Rooted deep in imperialistic, capitalist and conservative ideologies, we claim the nice (Republican) elephant logo! Despite our main ideologies we are full of diversity from people all across the spectrum, and we are a Republic and your rights are protected by a consitution!


Military and Economic Union 4,600,000 July 17, 2015 Arachosia


The Communist Bloc 1,200,000 October 15, 2015 Zenya
Order of Logic 600,000 March 7,2016 Logic
Democratic Republic of Bavaria 600,000 February 11, 2016 Qygen-Koban


International Defense Federation N/A September 15, 2015 Realand & Finnmarkland
Defunct as of March 22, 2016, remnants absorbed into the Dragon Warriors and Democratic Republic of Bavaria.

Total GP collected as of April 5th, 2016 3:51 PM UTC+0

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