Turkic Republic

The Turkic Republic, officially the Turkic People's Republic is a People's Republic located in Zaheria. The name 'Turkic Republic' derived from the ancient Turk people who lived in Zaheria hundreds of years prior to the founding of the republic. The Turkic Republic is a highly socialist state and has a steady growth.

The Turkic Republic is an active member in The Communist Bloc along with other nations which share the same ideals. The Republic has good relations with The Baltic Block and Prussia whom have sent defense divisions to the nation.


The Turkic Republic is governed by a constitution, which guarantees fundamental human rights and establishes a separation of governmental powers. The unicameral Congress has fourteen members elected by popular vote. Four senators—one from each state—serve four-year terms; the remaining ten senators represent single-member districts based on population, and serve two-year terms. The Prime Minister is elected by Congress from among the four state-based senators to serve four-year terms in the executive branch. Their congressional seats are then filled by special elections.

The Prime Minister serves as prime minister until death. This makes the Turkic system unique from other forms of republics.

In international politics, the Turkic Republic has stayed by the Communist Bloc's side. There are several tensions between the Republic and the United Nations. That said, the republic relies heavily on imports from Blaze, a member of the UN.


Turkic military consists of a single division consist of 25 units. The Turkic military has 25,000 active soldiers. Turkic military sees a lot of action, especially in anti-terrorist missions and wars. Turkic National Guard consists of 1 unit (1,000) of elite guards.


Turkic soldier in SpringField, after the Battle of SpringField. He is wearing a suit of T-45d Power armor and is equipped with an assault rifle.

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