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Union of Petram Powers (or UPP) is a major alliance within Nations. Unlike Paladins of Petram, its predecessor, UPP has no factions.

When UPP was first created, it quickly reached third in the alliance leaderboard, and has remained within the top 5 since.

After both leaders of PoP were banned, Winstonfell set up Joint Petram Powers, only for himself to be banned (he was a multi of Kawaki, a banned player). Team Juice founded UPP and quickly established a MDP with Senatus Populus Que Romanus to ensure security.

Around the 20th Nov, 2018, Team Juice decided that it wanted to go on a solo adventure in Nations. New Deutschland left the alliance to found his own Union of Petram Powers, and everyone was asked to leave Arc's UPP and join ND's UPP.


UPP was officially founded 4th September, 2018, by ArcTheGreat (Team Juice)

Name Changes

On the 28th of September, UPP voted to change the alliance's name from The Equestrian Sanctuary to Union of Petram Powers.

Flag Changes

On the 24th of October, UPP voted to change the flag from the one on the right to the one in the infobox.

UPP Flag

First official flag of UPP


The UPP Government consists of three roles: Overlord, Oligarch and Commoner.

Overlords: The Overlords are the leaders of the alliance. There are usually only two of them.

Oligarchs: The Oligarchs participate in the decision making of the alliance. There are usually three of them.

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Commoners: The rest of the alliance.


Overlord Elections: Every 6 months, the election is contested between the current overlords and the oligarchs. Held every January and July. Two overlords are selected for the next six-month term.

Oligarch Elections: Every 4 months, the election is contested between the current oligarchs and anyone who puts their name forward. Held every April, August, December. 3 oligarchs are selected for the next 4 months.

If a government member leaves, or steps down, then UPP holds an election immediately. This does not change the usual dates of the elections (e.g. if there is an Oligarch Election in February, there is still one in April).

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UPP has not been in many conflicts.

UPP - TPL Conflict

This conflict started when the leader of The Phonecian League, Orbita declared war on the leader of SPQR. Since UPP had an MDP with SPQR, UPP declared war upon TPL. The conflict was resolved quickly.

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UPP has quite a few pacts with other alliances.

NAPs: The End Game, BASIS Decumvirate/Decemvirate, The Ninth Symphony


ODPs: Union of Communist Nations

Terminated Pacts: The Celtic Union (MDP), SPQR (MDP)

Other Miscellaneous Stuff

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