United Federation of Advanced Nations, or commonly known as UFANs currently is a non-existent alliance. It is scheduled to be launched in a year in June 2019. It's agenda is currently unknown, though its leader has announced to launch a promotional site during its opening.

UFAN Declaration

UFAN's agenda can be broken down into several articles;

Article 1 (The P5 members)

The appointment of the 5 most powerful countries in the alliance by GP, though the leader must be included in the P5. These countries will serve for a term of 3 month(s), before the revision of the members of the P5 by rank. The powers of the P5 are the following:

  • Able to declare war on other alliance, with the agreement of 3 of the P5.
  • Able to form inter- alliance agreements with other alliances offering the terms of Non-Aggression Pact (NAP), Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) and a Mutual Offensive and Defensive Pact (MODP)
  • Enact future alliance policies and articles to the UFAN Declaration, though for it to be passed, a election by all of the member states within the alliance must be conducted with an overall 60% attendance to the vote.

Article 2 (Communication via Discord)

The creation of a Discord Channel limited only to the members of UFAN. The admin(s) have the full power to kick out anyone in violation of the following without warning, along with the retraction of their ability to vote:

  • Not a member in the UFAN (a spy, basically)
  • Continual Spamming of messages
  • Communicating about stuff not related to the alliance outside the General Chat
  • Rigging the polls, etc.

Article 3 (Foreign Relations)

A joint declaration of all member states within the United Federation of Advance Nations to pledge the following:

  • Respecting and Recognizing the Sovereignty of each other, free from any foreign pressure.
  • Pledging to obey the rulings of the P5 nations truthfully and raising questions if any issues to the rulings arise.
  • Improve trade relations between eac

Alliance Agenda

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