Vanstaffen is a coastal industrious and sprawling dictatorial nation ruled by Leader Somebody. Its capital Bellstad is situated on the tropical continent of Amarino.

Vanstaffen is a member of the alliance The Union of Nations.

The huge borders of Vanstaffen surround numerous forests, many jungles, a few mountains, some deserts, numerous cleared land, some lakes, some rivers, a few grasslands and innumerable urban areas.

The known flora is very diverse and includes many rubber trees, a few grapevines, a few herbs, some tobacco plants, some cocoa trees, a few apple trees, some coffea, a few cacti, a few kingwood, some oak trees, a few hops, some silk and some cotton.

The known fauna is very diverse and includes some deer, innumerable cows, many sheep, innumerable beehives, many panthers and a few elephants. Numerous mackerels, innumerable sharks, numerous piranhas and innumerable bass are found outside the coast of Vanstaffen.

Under the surface the geologists have found tiny amounts of iron, some coal, tiny amounts of sulfur, tiny amounts of copper, some silver, little platinum and little lead.

Like few other nations tiny amounts of crude deep sea oil is found within the Vanstaffen borders.

The technological advancements of Vanstaffen is adequate, and their military power is adequate.


Vincent Van Staffen was the name of the Britannian explorer who founded Vanstaffen. He sailed across the Sea of Stian to the distant continent of Amarino. There it is said that planted the flag of Britannia and foretold that this land would one day prosper.


Following the collapse of Britannia, citizens of the once thriving country moved to their colony in Amarino, where it was foretold a new empire would rise in the once-flourishing nation's ashes. The new parliament quickly worked to found the basis of this new nations government and eventually elected President Wagner, formerly a governor back in Britannia. By quickly assembling a military and prosperous economy, this new nation, now named Vanstaffen, thrives upon the world stage.


Vanstaffen lies at the tip of Northern Amarino, on the coast of the Sea of Stian.

Government and Politics


The Vanstaffen Armed Forces maintains one of the worlds largest mortar arsenals and a relatively large amount of T-72s. There is no shortage of small, light, plump tanks, only increasing it's military power. The Vanstaffen Armed Forces is currently working on it's own Luftwaffe to add it's already impressive military range.


With a population of currently 4,833,732, Vanstaffen's population may only be described as diverse. Though, being a remnant of Britannia, their ethnicity is largely composed of an Anglos, being about 49% of the growing population. However, this number is threatened by the Germanic groups, accounting for roughly 22% and rapidly growing. The Hispanic population is also growing, currently at 12%. Currently at 7%, Vanstaffens Asian population shows no signs of stopping either. Natives and other small ethnicity make up the remaining 10% of the population.

As for the language, 92% of all Vanstaffens are able to fluently understand English, though a phenomenal 83% are able to understand at least a second language. For example, 27% of Vanstaffens are able to understand Spanish, 11% are able to understand Chinese, 15% are able to understand French, and finally, 24% of Vanstaffens are able to understand German.

Life expectancy is at an exception 88.5 with a median age of 42.2

Like the population, the religions within Vanstaffen are also wide-ranged. Protestants make up a staggering 46%, though Roman Catholics are trailing close behind at a 21%. Atheism is also popular, with 17% of Vanstaffens sharing the same view. Other Christians make up 5%, while the Jewish make up 3%. Buddhists and Muslims each make up 2% of the population. Hinduism and other small religions make up the remaining 4%.


Vanstaffen maintains a money stockpile of roughly 1.3 million and is one of the largest economic exporters in Amarino.



Vanstaffen's growing culture GP of 1,760 can be attributed to their diverse history and growing cultural movement.


Vanstaffen's beautiful cities are lined with a mixture neo-futuristic buildings and Renaissance era construction. The streets throughout the country are cascaded with a wave of obelisks and art museums, cementing Vanstaffen's architectural contributions.


The Vanstaffen National Team) are one of the worlds most successful football teams. Having won the Division 1 Championship twice and the Division 2 Championship once, the Vanstaffen Flying Wasps now enjoy varying levels of success in the Division 3 and Division 4 championships. The Vanstaffen Premier League is also home to two of the most successful clubs in Petram, being Bellstad FC and Stuttfurt United, both having won the VPL title multiple times.

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