Vanstaffen is a coastal industrious and sprawling dictatorial nation ruled by Leader Somebody. Its capital Bellstad is situated on the tropical continent of Amarino.

Vanstaffen is a member of the alliance The Central Entente.

The vast borders of Vanstaffen surround many forests, many jungles, some mountains, some deserts, many cleared land, a few lakes, a few rivers, many grasslands and plenty of urban areas.

The known flora is very diverse and includes some rubber trees, a few grapevines, a few herbs, a few tobacco plants, a few cocoa trees, a few coffea, a few kingwood, some oak trees and a few hops.

The known fauna is not very diverse and includes some cows.

Under the surface the geologists have found tiny amounts of coal, tiny amounts of sulfur, tiny amounts of copper, little silver, tiny amounts of platinum and little lead.

The technological advancements of Vanstaffen is adequate, and their military power is poor.


The Phantom Initiatives

The Phantom Initiatives were a series (10) of wars declared by Vanstaffen to claim land and resources. They were all met with swift annexation by Vanstaffen and begun Vanstaffen's rise to greatness.

The Central Entente - SPQR Wars

This is an ongoing conflict initiated by the Central Entente to assert it's dominance in world affairs and topple SPQR.




World Relations and Politics

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