Venland Airspace Violations

Venland Airspace Violations is a mission.

Warning: Venland Airspace Violations is for powerful nations due to the high levels of the enemy units

Units That Can Spawn

F-35 Lightning II FIR:5 DEF:4 MAN:6 HP:88 Spawn Rate:80%

A10 Thunderbolt FIR:4 DEF:3 MAN:4 HP:61 Spawn Rate:20%

Battle Continent: Westburg (Temperate)

Mission Rewards

573 Metal

573 Fuel

1 F-35 Lightning II

1 Mystery Box

Mission Expires: 2 days

Rarity: Uncommon

Brief: Oldenburg is constantly harassing Venland with unprecedented airspace violations. As a Union of Nations member we have been called upon to teach Oldenburg a lesson.

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