Map of West Ephesia

A map of the remnants of the then-Kingdom of Corinthia including West Ephesia.

The Federation of West Ephesia, or West Ephesian Federation, is a coastal nation ruled by Prime Minister 456migs3442. The nation is found on the temperate continent of Westberg. As of September 9, 2019; the Federation is composed of a population of est. 100,000 with a nearing GP to 1,600.

The people of West Ephesia are simply referred to as Ephesians.


The West Ephesian Federation, or simply known as West Ephesia, is a former counterpart of the Kingdom of Corinthia. Though, due to The Great Holy War, the Kingdoms of Corinthia were divided into four independent nations, one of which is West Ephesia.

The official national anthem of the West Ephesian Federation is the "Patria; Et fortis unitum" or simply "Patria" which translates to "My Country; United and Strong" and "My Country" respectively.

The West Ephesian Federation is also a founder of a defensive coalition, United Defensive Coalition. Together with Ruyalsia's president and the Secretary-General/ Co-founder of the coalition, Kelvinnn, the alliance was founded on the 5th of September, 2019 in efforts to prevent oppression of aggressors around the sorrounding regions of Mainland Ephesia.[1]


  1. West Ephesia and East Ephesia together is often referred to as "Mainland Ephesia".
Flag of West Ephesia

The West Ephesian flag raised at the Central Domus, where the Prime Minister lives, in Corpus Christi on a cloudy afternoon.


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