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Thanks for volunteering yourself to contributing to Nations Wiki! We're all trying to help make this community a better place and also provide information for any new players. We aim to make this community an informative and up-to-date resource. In order to do this, we have some rules to be followed (and tips, if you need them).

This article is split into two sections - tips and tricks for editing articles and maintaining a good community, and the other section is the rules.


This section covers all the rules and regulations regarding what you can and can't do on this wiki. Please be aware that these rules cover all areas of the wiki - articles, article comments, user pages & message walls, discussions section - all of it.

Rule Breakers & Punishments

Anyone who breaks the rules below will be dealt with accordingly, depending on the severity of the rule-breaking. If it reaches bans, the length of the ban will vary from anywhere between one week (for minor rule-breaking) to one year (for major rule-breaking).


Keep it Safe for Work

  • Anything containing adult content or anything else deemed NSFW will be removed immediately.
  • Don't be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, on any pages. This is not acceptable under any circumstances and will quickly result in lengthy bans.

Edit Warring & Necroposting

Two counterproductive things - here are our rules on them:

  • Edit warring is when two or more people are constantly changing a page back and forth, removing each other's edits. Pages will be locked down and users will be warned. If someone is removing content that you deem should be left on a page, contact an Administrator.
  • Necroposting is leaving comments or re-opening discussions that clearly ended more than a month ago. This is to avoid clogging up discussions sections and article comment sections. This also won't result in a ban as the Admins won't be reading every single comment to make sure no-one Necroposts, but is also frowned upon.

False, Biased & Misleading Information

  • Don't intentionally fill an article with false, biased or misleading information, especially information pages. The aim of this wiki is to help all players, and by misleading other players you aren't helping them.

If in Doubt, Check it Out (with other users)

  • If you are unsure if something should be renamed or deleted, leave a comment below the article and others can give their input.


  • Spam of any form is not tolerated. This includes spamming on the discussion section, spamming links to external websites, and spamming links to discord servers.


Nations Wiki is trying to create a friendly environment for all Nations players.

  • Do not intimidate or harass other users in any way, shape or form.
  • Do not create multiple wiki accounts. This probably won't result in a ban, but is generally frowned upon.

Tips & Tricks

Now for the fun stuff! Here are some tips and tricks that tie in with the rules.

The Do's

Be unbiased and truthful at all time

  • Since all articles here are published to all players, it is important to ensure the accuracy of the information written. Readers do not want to be misled.
  • This includes propaganda that attempts to make a nation to join an alliance. 
    e.g. "To get Metal icon metal, join Alliance Ludens ."

Show your best

  • In order to make your text be appreciated, put yourself in the shoe of a reader. Ask yourself: Is this good? Is it helpful or useful? Is correct? Is it accurate? If there is a "Yes" for one of the questions, you should be doing it right.
  • Write in proper English with minimal grammar errors. Most of the time, all text must be formal. If you are unsure when informal is possible, please stick with formal.
  • Be professional: Make use of pre-made features.
    For example, you can insert a bulleted list by clicking on the insert bulleted list icon in Visual Editor or adding * in Source Editor instead of adding the bullets yourself so it will look like this:
    • This is a bulleted list.
    • This is a bulleted list.
- This is not a bulleted list
- This is not a bulleted list.

Look out for one another

  • Other than adding contents yourself, you can also contribute by making edits to others' contents to fix their grammar, make the article more accurate or even improved their point.
  • If you see someone is doing something wrong, you should not just walk away. Anyone who violates the community contribution guidelines should be reported to an admin to minimise the damage caused. If you believe he or she has good faith, you may give him or her a chance and leave a kind message requesting him or her not to do that again.

Collaborate with other editors

  • This community wiki belongs to no one; it belongs to everyone. We have to work together with tolerance and understanding. If you see a point in an article and you are unsure whether it is accurate or not, clarify it in the talk page instead of removing it unless you are very sure you are right. For inquiries, you can leave a comment on the article.

Use the History function to undo vandalism

  • This is really important. If you see vandalism (and you are sure it is vandalism) and you want to help to remove it, please use the History function and compare the changes with the older versions of the article. After finding the right version, click "Undo". Then, report the user to an admin. Like this, you will not miss some small vandalised details.
  • If you do not know how to do these, reporting to an admin will do and this will be settled.

The Don'ts

Don't post offensive content

  • Sometimes when an argument gets too heated, both parties start to flame each other with hate speech. This will add fuel to the fire and will not help anything. It may even be considered as slanderous contents.
  • This includes but not limited to posting images of the Nazi symbol and flags of terrorist organisations

Don't spam or post irrelevant stuff

  • Technically, "spam" is posting the same exact stuff multiple times to advertise some products or services. In some rare scenario, the spam may attempt to phish or spread of malware. Therefore, ignore these spam and report to an admin if you see.
  • Usually, posting irrelevant stuff will be categorised as spam generally because of its nature: to advertise. We want to keep this wikia wiki clean so readers will not be confused of what they are reading.

Don't vandalism

  • This is the major obstacle for wikis to be open to everyone. Vandalism is intentionally adding of nonsensical stuff or hoax to an article to troll and mislead the readers.
  • Vandalism is also partially or fully removal of text from an article. This will significantly destroy the whole wiki.

Don't write really biased articles

  • It's okay to write biased pages, because everyone's allowed to feel proud of the achievements their nation has made. Don't feel bad about saying that your nation is one of the best if it genuinely is one of the best nations.
  • However, don't go too overboard in the bias, especially when writing about wars. Replace things like "there was absolutely no way Alliance A was going to win the war" with "most players tipped Alliance B to win the war."

Writing Tips

Unlike other writings, this wiki, is a source of information for Nations game. We want to keep it interesting, as well as an informational base. You need to know when to use IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) at the right instances.

Writing about a nation

  • Keep it IC. Instead of writing all 100% factual information about your nation (which there is nothing much you can say), you would want to say it in your own words. Go ahead! Keep it interesting.
    Though, that does not mean you can write stuff intended to troll or mislead readers. (like its continent, its ruler name, its GP, etc.)
  • Don't overly-exaggerate! It is cool to bright up the article with some achievements, but not completely filled with. It will become boring if everyone's nation are ranked first in everything. If you really need, use "top" instead of explicitly claiming it to be ranked first
  • Don't mention other nations or players without their knowledge! This is very important. Only mention if you are permitted, otherwise, do not to prevent edit-warring unless you are very sure it is factual.

Writing the game guides

  • Make sure you know what you're doing. This is not the same as writing other articles. You need to make sure your information is accurate because players will be reading it to learn how to play the game.
  • Use the appropriate templates. For example, if you are mentioning the in-game money resource, write {{money}} which results Money icon money. Want to capitalise? {{money|C}} which results Money icon Money.

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