Xenforo, officially the Dictatorship of Xenforo, is one of the largest countries in Amarino. The capital and largest city is Xaigo. It is ruled by a benevolent dictator, XP. Xenforo is renowned to be one of the healthiest, most prosperous and safest nation in the world.


The economy of Xenforo is fully controlled by its government. Most corporations are state-owned and private corporations are rare.

The largest sector is agriculture, which contributes more than 60% to the whole GDP of Xenforo, followed by the industrial sector.


The whole military is solely managed by XP. It is consist of divisions like Xenforo Police Force, Foreign Peacekeeping Team, Offensive Unit, Xenforo National Navy, Xenforo Air Force, etc.


Xenforo has a life expectancy of 84 years old, the highest in the world. Health care is provided by the national government. The Xenforio Government offers all patients in Xenforo a subsidy of more than 70% of their medical fees.


All media companies are nationalised, and there is no press freedom in Xenforo. Every piece of news requires an approval from the ministry before it can be published "to ensure the accuracy of the information".

Websites that contain "stuff that may destabilise Xenforo and invoke chaos" will be censored immediately.

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