DesertIcon Zaheria is a continent in the world of Petram, that's based off Africa in the real world. Its difficulty is "Hard" and it has Desert terrain.

DesertIcon Zaheria can be a great continent but can also be a terrible continent, depending on what you're there for. Anyone with a large military will love DesertIcon Zaheria due to the easy access to Ammunition icon Ammunition, Fuel icon Fuel and Uranium icon Uranium. However, starting there can be hard due to the hard access to Food icon Food and Building Materials icon Building Materials.


This is what someone who has a nation on Zaheria's background will look like


This continent is considered the most difficult starting position for a new player but can provide the most rewards if managed correctly. 



  • Might not be able to become self-reliant because Commodity production is low

Expand Borders/Colonists

When using an Expand Borders (if on DesertIcon Zaheria) or a Colonists (if you're located on any other continent). Resources in bold have a good chance of being found (ie green), resources in normal text have a fair to bad chance of being found (ie yellow or red) and resources not on this list cannot be found on DesertIcon Zaheria.

Basic Flora Fauna Mined Rare

DesertIcon Desert

RiverIcon Rivers

CactusIcon Cactus

SilkIcon Silk

ClamIcon Clam

ElephantIcon Elephants

GoatIcon Goat

MackerelIcon Mackerel

SharkIcon Shark

SheepIcon Sheep

ShrimpIcon Shrimp

WhaleIcon Whale

MountainIcon Iron

CoalIcon Coal

CopperIcon Copper

GoldIcon Gold

GemstoneIcon Gemstone

MarbleIcon Marble

SulfurIcon Sulfur

SilverIcon Silver

UraniniteIcon Uraninite

CrudeOilIcon Petroleum

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