Zudnik is the second nation founded by Drusketh, preceded by Падший (Padishy). It was founded on April 7th, 2019, after the revolution in Padishy caused the nation to crumble, leaving the government in shambles. After 3 weeks of battle, the remnants of the Padishy military and government formed a new country after traveling thousands of kilometers to the continent of Zaheria.

I created Zudnik to simply restart after the fall of GDI. I wasn't happy with my continent choice or where I was in the game, so I decided a fresh restart was in order. I took this opportunity to go back to being highly militarized, so after a week of restarting, I took advantage of a secret agent and Seal sale. A T2 with a lot of free time and SA's can actually make them reach high levels, and within a week or two they hit a reasonably high level and would more than suffice to protect me. I continued this streak of training until I lost half of the division on a Dul Kaddir mission. I began to get bored of sitting at T2 and T3, so I moved up to Tier 4 and got the basic units of the tier and began training them. By this time, IDP had collapsed and I was in ZDS. I screwed around for a bit and didn't do much but train things and eventually moved up to Tier 5 a few months later.

ZDS was quite inactive to be honest, and I eventually stopped playing a lot, apart from doing little GP jumps with cows. Once ZDS disbanded in July, I tiered up to 5 and got a bit more GP and units. In august, Shag invited me to join The Wreckoning, and shortly after I joined Power. In True Power, I built my military to be much stronger than it was beforehand, reaching Tier 7 by the time I left due to complete inactivity in the alliance. During then, I took my arsenal of F-35's that were obtained at Tier 2 and paired them with Reapers and more F-35's. I also added many other limited sale units and trained them during this time, as well as generally strengthening everything. Sadly, because I was the highest tier member of Power, I couldn't participate in the wars and could only send defense as Hares, Shag, Madden, and Hero Craft were in Tiers 1-4 to completely encapsulate any low tiers that were caught in their sights. I beleive I left Power in late January or February and went solo for a while again. After reaching T8, I created Bastion (TLB) and recruited a few members to it, and expanded from there.

During the time of Bastion, a lot has happened and I really don't want to write hundreds of words on it. First, the oodler drama happened and AndyFamBoii was one of the original 3 members who abandoned Comintern. He was banned along with oodler and the other multis, which took Bastion down a bit. The following time was a bit hectic with Oodler taunting the mods for months and me just not having a good time in life. I reached tier 9 in late march and immediately completed the research for WarHeads. 8 days after unlocking GH's, I had them at level 15. After that grind, I was kind of burnt out and took my other units, avengers, a bit slower. In may or June, I recruited a few more divisions of GH's, but really didn't do much with them. From May-july, I probably played a combined total of 5 hours on NG.

Now that August has begun, I've decided to stop being bored and listen to the person who kept me playing NG. As of the 2nd of august, I have reached 1 million GP, 15 months and 26 days into the existence of this nation. By August 8th, 2020 it will have been 16 months and a day of me creating this nation, and that will be the day I reach T10. The reason is, well, 16 months, plus a day in order to remember mistakes. (Plus it's like the 2 year anniversary of Shag's ban, or his 1 year anniversary of being unbanned.) When that happens, I will be aroung 1.25 million GP. That's where the real fun of NG starts.

If there is a time after TLB, it will be the final Solo Period that Zenith will experience, and there will be an exit to be remembered.


Zudnik has mainly been a solo nation during it's existence. All alliances that it has been in have thrived at the beginning with a small playerbase, but have grown inactive. During all of these inactive periods, Zudnik has remained as part of those alliances in hope that they would revive, but to no avail. These times of alliance inactivity are effectively solo periods. Zudnik has has been 4 partially active alliances since the date of founding, which are:

The International Defense Pact - disbanded

Zaheria Defense Squadron - disbanded

True Power - disbanded

The Last Bastion - slightly active but crippled


International Defense Pact

The International Defense Pact was formed on the day of rebirth by Drusketh, Estus, and Marcu_13. It was made the day of the fall of the GDI (Global Defense Initiative). Upon Creation, the goal was to create a healthy alliance and environment for new players that would promote learning and grow many strong Nations. As time went on, a government structure was created, with Drusketh being the leader, and the other 4 members holding a council seat.

It is not known how large the alliance grew to be, but it probably consisted of only the 5 founding members. It was finally disbanded after the governing members realized that they couldn't sustain it or recruit new people. The other founders, Solaire, Starwarsman, Buddy and Marcu left the game in may. This event marked the beginning of yet another one of Drusketh's solo periods.

Zaheria's Sanctuary / Zaheria Defense Squadron

The Zaheria Defense Squadron was founded in April 2019 (Exact date unknown, likely on the 6th or 7th). It was founded by JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, the third nation led by ArcTheGreat. When created, it was called Zaheria's Sanctuary, but after many people demanded in the Nations Discord, it was renamed to The Zaheria Defense Squadron. The Defense Squad recruited a few members apart from Arc and Me, which were UnderTheC, Altique and BananaBoa. The alliance sadly did not exist for a long time, as BananaBoa lost interest quickly, UnderTheC drifted away, and Arc had things in life that took priority over it. After over a year of existing, Altique also deleted his nation. The alliance was disbanded in July 2019, leaving the only member who didn't delete or go inactive to be solo once again.

True Power

True Power is an alliance founded by Dominion, lead by Doom T.F.O. It was founded on August 23rd, 2019. It has been revealed publicly, but the leader of True Power was actually Shag. He formed the alliance shortly after his ban expired and it served the purpose of fixing his mistakes that he had made in his past. It's main directive, The Wreckoning, was to bring peace through war. The Wreckoning consisted of many members who do not need to be publicly named, but during Power's active days, many wars were active at all points of the week, at any tier below 6.

The Last Bastion

The Last Bastion was founded on 4-1-2020 by Drusketh. This alliance serves as the last Bastion of the Global Defense Initiative and seeks to continue the agenda of Nreic, which is to teach new players how to play, grow, and become strong. It is now 4 months into the existence of the alliance, and it seems to be going quite well. It has 16 members, the largest of which being Cascadalyst, followed by Me and then Justin Cheng. It is the number 3 alliance in the game with 8.7 million GP to its name.

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