Zudnyk is the second nation founded by Drusketh, preceded by Падший (Padishy). It was founded on April 7th, 2019, after the revolution in Padishy caused the nation to crumble, leaving the government in shambles. After 3 weeks of battle, the remnants of the Padishy military and government formed a new country after traveling thousands of kilometers to the continent of Zaheria.


Zudnyk has been in 3 alliances since the date of founding:

The International Defense Pact

Zaheria Defense Squadron

True Power


International Defense Pact

The International Defense Pact was formed on the day of rebirth by Drusketh, Estus, and Marcu_13. It was made the day of the fall of the GDI (Global Defense Initiative). Upon Creation, the goal was to create a healthy alliance and environment for new players that would promote learning and grow many strong Nations. As time went on, a government structure was created, with Drusketh being the leader, and the other 4 members holding a council seat.




Zaheria's Sanctuary / Zaheria Defense Squadron

The Zaheria Defense Squadron was founded in April 2019 (Exact date unknown, likely on the 6th or 7th). It was founded by JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, the (second?) nation led by ArcTheGreat. When created, it was called Zaheria's Sanctuary, but after many people demanded in the Nations Discord, it was renamed to The Zaheria Defense Squadron.

True Power

True Power is an alliance founded by Dominion, lead by Doom T.F.O. It was founded on August 23rd, 2019.

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